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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Predator Mites Bio Systems?

We take a biological approach to the horticulture, agriculture and cannabis industry in order to effectively manage crop systems, pests and diseases. Drawing from extensive industry experience from diverse growing backgrounds and specializing in the use of beneficial insects and biological control, we work with growers to create sound and economical solutions to problems.

What are we offering?

Beneficial insects and biocompatible pest and disease control tools. 

Who do we serve?

Growers of agricultural and horticultural crops, including specialty crop production systems like hydroponics, greenhouse production, conservatories, educational institutions, the emerging markets of indoor, greenhouse and field production of Cannabis. 

How do we serve you? 

For complex problems, give us a call or write us an email describing your goals and/or problem.

What are the time frames from when I order to when I may receive an order?

Biological insects can be ordered at any time. With each order a tracking number or email notification will be sent to you with estimated delivery information.

How do I know my beneficial insects are alive?

We do our best to ensure your beneficial insects are alive and well when they arrive on your doorstep. If you have concerns, you can contact us directly or refer to the ANBP page on Quality Assurance (also available to download here).